Friday, February 19, 2010

Hibiscus Update

Here's the long awaited update to the hibiscus work in progress. I spent 4 more hours on it yesterday. Putting more details and glazes on it. I'd say most of the canvas is wet. I even painted the sides. That's why the photo I took is a little off. I was standing on a chair precariously balanced between it and a table looking down at my semi-angled easel. I managed to stay upright and not fall into it he he he. Well any how this gives you an idea of what it looks like at this stage. I'm getting close to being finished. A few more days and it should be good.

The three orchids are pretty much finished. Again the canvas is wet enough that it's hard to get a good shot so I'm just waiting for when it dries and I can get a finished shot.

What am I starting next? I'm working on portraits at the moment. I'll post those in a few days once I get some more work done on them. I really enjoy doing portraits. Just studying peoples faces is a lot of fun.

Thanks for checking in.


  1. You are a master of these you really are!! Love that bottom right petal :-D

  2. Ello M'lady, What a lovely painting this one is turning out to be Jules. You are the queen of the macro you know ;-)
    Hey thanks for stopping by my site too, did you help your self to a virtual cup of tea and a piece of virtual cake? I baked it special!Keep smiling your beautiful smile, Chris

  3. Hi Everyone,Thanks for dropping by.

    Niki, that bottom right petal got my all excited. It actually looks like it glows. Now I've got to figure out how to duplicate it again he he.

    The Stephanie, these are new colors to me. I've not done a coral before. But I love a challenge.

    Chalky, thanks sir. Queen of Macro eh? should I put that on my card! he he . Ah yes thanks for the tea and cake. They were scrumptious! Your stuffs looking great btw.