Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

I always forget how crazy things get right before the holidays. I hope you had a wonderful one. Ours was very nice. More laid back this year which is cool. Even some studio time and was able to finish the to find a name for it. I'm up for suggestions :) .

I was also able to start a blue clematis. Ahh yes another one.... hope I'm not boring too many of you with them but I try to make them all a little different. This one is different as it's on a stretched canvas. All the other ones have been on MDF board with frames. I'm loving my new canvases btw.
Today I have just started with an under painting. The brush strokes give me guidance as to which direction to take for the next step.

Please feel free to make comments, ask questions or give a critique!
:D Thanks for looking Julie


  1. That orchid is just Stunning Julie. Beautiful work as always! Nobody could get tired of the clematis either :-)

  2. Thanks Steph, that means a lot comming from a fellow artist such as yourself!