Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring feels like it's here today! Wow the warmth and sunshine are so intoxicating! But I wanted to take time from outside and be sure to post my most recent happenings :) . So I'm still working on my Hibiscus but it's coming closer to completion. It's true what they say good things come to those who wait. Well it'll be a little I sound like a broken record, or do kids theses day say CD's that skip, any rate, it's oil and it takes longer....but here is the most recent update:

And as I said I've been working on my daughter's portraits. Here is my youngest. Funny comment about this one. When I showed her it she said "Wow, it looks like me. I like my hair." Then her sisters commented on how "that's not Niki, her hair never looks that neat." Ah, sisters.
Here is the sketch.

I saw some issues with it once I got the sketch done that I wasn't happy with so I pulled out my artistic license and changed things around. The first being her hair. She doesn't always put it up so I preferred to keep it down. The other is that the lines on the face weren't spot on. So I switched those around. Next I created a the watercolor painting.

I've started on my eldest daughter. That will be my next to post. The plan is that their portraits interact with each other on the wall. Individual portraits but also one when all together. They are beautiful girls and they generally get a long well. I say generally as they girls and sisters and 2 are teenagers.

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