Thursday, April 8, 2010

Busy busy busy, it must be srping!

Lots of busyness going on with the business. First and foremost I've finished my eldest daughter. This has been quit the work in progress. My first start was with a different pose. I wasn't happy with the way it was coming out. What started it all is when I flipped the image in photoshop so that when all three portraits are together they are looking at each other. Well being that I've had 16 1/2 years to look at her, when I looked at the photo it was like looking at a close replication of her but it wasn't her. So after sketching the photo and starting on a painting I scrubbed that one and took some more photos, in the right direction this time. We both agreed on one,,,I know shocker! So I got to sketching and drawing it and finished with this painting.

My middle daughter has her confirmation this weekend and I've been busy painting banners for the church. The director approached me for help on one subject and now I'm doing three more banners :). The art is more mural type art. I painted them on cloth so they can be wrapped up and easily stored away in a small space until they are needed again.

I think this is a great idea for people who want a mural on their walls but may be renting or moving soon and want to take it with them. Imagine if you wanted a mural for a baby's room but know the child will out grow it, or if you want to move furniture around but you can't because you'd block the mural. Well why not have a painting done on a fire retardant cloth? The child can enjoy it for many years and when they outgrow it you can take it down for a keepsake. I'm open for murals! P.s. they also ship easily.

I'm also taking figure drawing classes. These are so fun. I love the challenge of drawing the human figure. The models we have in class are so good too. It amazes me how long they can stand there without moving. The one the other night did so good that I was getting antsy with standing at the easel wondering if she was ever going to take a break! I told her how restless I was getting, when she finished and she started laughing.

I've also taken on a private student. She's great. If there are other artist out there reading this I would strongly suggest you do this. It's amazing how much you learn about yourself when you teach others.

So with all that's going on I still am working on the hibiscus. Hopefully this coming week I'll get to putting the finishing touches on it.

Thanks for checking in :).

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