Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Therapeutic Art :D

I just have to say this last month has been weired. We started out having water problems with out water softener. Hubby replaced it after a faucet above it broke and started dripping water. 2 days later we started having noticeable differences with our well so the well guys came out and we had our well worked on. Another day without water. Nothing helped so we ended up replacing our well... 214 feet later they finally got water that works. We enjoyed lots of water for 2 days. Then hubby went to get a shower and no water! He went downstairs to see what was the matter and another pipe burst! This time our hot water heater was in 3 feet of water - fried! So as I'm typing this we are once again without water. Amazing how we take water for granted. Today I ended up cleaning my brushes in a bucket and thought hmmm this must be how they cleaned brushes before modern plumbing. I didn't mind cleaning them from a bucket. I was just happy that I could paint today. Somehow it takes all the stress away. It's so therapeutic :D. I'm just hoping tonight I get a warm shower.

Curious as to what I'm working on? Well here it is! An update to the amaryllis I started last time I updated the blog. I'm really enjoying this one. I spent 4 hours on it today. The time just seem to fly by. That's why I think painting is so therapeutic. I didn't even think about being without water.

I've been busy doing another portrait. This is of Father Zeke - he's just retired. I painted this for a farewell present given to him at his retirement party last weekend. It was done with oil on wrapped canvas. Again I started out with a drawing, then transfered it onto the canvas. Then I started with blocking in darker colors, working my way up. He was a lot of fun to paint. Such a happy smile. He will be missed.

I'm really enjoying doing portraits. I think the best of all is to see the reaction I get from the people who receive them. Well so far atleast everyone's liked them!

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