Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Okay car shopping is done. Phew!! Back to the art world - much more fun! Ford F150 pick-up truck is on it's way. Now I'll have something to take art to art shows in. Anyhow I haven't spent all that time on cars. I've been busy working on paintings. I've also been busy drawing. Here's a work in progress I started last weekend. It's of an amaryllis. I took photos of this last winter. I had planned on doing one of the iris that are blooming in my garden, but couldn't decide which one. As I was looking at one of the files I have my flowers in I came across this one. I just love the composition of it.

I started with a yellow under painting and blue where the darker red will be.

After letting the under painting dry I spent the better part of today working on the the red. Here are the first two stages.

Yay! I finished the Hibiscus!! I think it was well worth the wait. So without further ado here it is...

Since the last time I posted I also finished the boys. I call them "Brothers in Arms". I just love how their cheeks rest against each other. Here is my sketch. I then started with a pastel painting. It came out really nice looking. I was rather happy with it ...then my kitten kept thinking it would be fun to touch....so thinking it was time to put some workable fixative on it, I sprayed it....well lets just say the whiteness disappeared from the baby and the blue paper background came forward! OPPS!! So since I goofed up I decided an oil painting might be a better bet. I just couldn't bring myself to doing pastels so soon after such a goof up!!Below the drawing is the finished oil painting.


  1. So beautiful!! Julie you are just soooo talented!! I hope one day I can hire you to paint something for me. You are so blessed!


  2. Hi Jill,
    Thanks for dropping by! I'd love to paint something for you - I give friends and family discounts ;-). Just drop me a line when you have something in mind. I can paint about anything.

    I do feel blessed too :D